Our Services

If you have a project in mind - either a fully designed scheme, or nothing more than an idea, please get in touch.
We will happily meet with you and discuss your project at the earliest stage. We have worked with a number of architects
and engineers, but if you need help with finding the right designer for your project we can offer suggestions of
people we have a good working relationship with. If you are looking to get costs for your building project, we will
strongly suggest that you get drawings prepared. We will only price jobs that have a proper drawing package and specification,
so you can be confident that what we price is what you will get.

Many larger projects will require Planning Permission and a Building Warrant and these have to be in place before
we can start any work. Smaller jobs such as renovations, new boilers and heating systems usually do not, but we are happy
to advise you.

When we give you a price, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs. This allows us to closely monitor
costs as the work progresses, and ensure you have no nasty surprises! We will only expect payment for work that has been
carried out, unless a specialist item requires a significant deposit, but generally you would not be expected to pay
anything "up front".

Please contact us at

Unit D
Scotway Centre
Newton Village

EH22 1SP

0131 663 2790
07557 922823